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  • How Migraines left me without a Uterus..,

    Fibroids- Tumors that grow in women’s uterus. They are basically growths that get so large their sizes are referred to as melon or grapefruit sized which can cause severe abdominal pain and heavy periods. I referred to my heavy periods as – Chronic Menstrual Blood Loss. The need to change a pad with a tampon […]

  • Anemia Can Kill…I’m taking my life back!

    Anemia Can Kill…I’m taking my life back!

    healing means the damage can no longer control our lives

  • Friender – Bender

    A few weeks before the US2020Election someone I have known for almost 20 years decided to share their views on the American election via a text. My first thought was “ Oh Crap! this is exactly why I left FaceBook in the first place, but somehow trouble always knows where to find you” – I […]

  • abusive relationships.,a note on abuse in Islam

    Domestic violence does not discriminate – victims span all races, genders, ages, ethnicities and religions. 1 in 4 women are victims of severe domestic abuse, and that includes those in the Islamic community. Islamophobia — hate crimes, bigoted policies and daily incidents of harassment towards the Muslim community has made confronting domestic violence more difficult […]

  • The Trump poison

    Under the Trump administration the world has been plagued by ignorant, offensive and obnoxious things 45 has said & tweeted. Each one at some degree of incredulousness in its own way. Like it or not, the fact remains that Donald Trump, his family and his fellow republican colleagues have indeed made America Great again. With […]

  • The link between DomesticViolence SexualAbuse,Addiction, Mental health & Race

    This year as part of my work in spreading awareness on Domestic violence and the impact of Covid19 on survivors of abuse, I acquired insight on another contributor to the abuse pandemic- one which has been around long before the Covid19 and sadly will linger on long afterward. Substance abuse refers to the harmful or […]

  • Reflections of Love & Unity this Fathers Day.

    One of the things I am most proud of when I talk about growing up in Trinidad is the sense of love I felt as child. My parents were not financially rich, or had an expensive education. They were limited in the opportunities they were able to afford their children compared to many of the […]

  • Racism in America –

    How we identify with race is powerful. It influences our experiences and shapes our lives. The unfair treatment and oppression of people of color have always been justified and fueled by Racism. Racism is not only about individual mindsets and actions, but racist policies also contribute to the daily persecutions of black & brown people […]

  • Pandemic Alert!

    Protecting your Mental health and families during Covid19. As we all struggle to adapt to this new reality of social distancing, face masks, and the uncertainty of what the Covid19 pandemic brings with it, we are also faced with a pandemic all its own- the struggles, duties, and commitments of caring for our loved ones- […]

  • An invisible Stigma

    During a chat with some of my mom friends, I was surprised to learn that our cultures shared the same issue of Stigma & Taboo when it came to the topic of reproductive health and sex education with young adolescents/adults (10-19yrs). Immigrants from parts of Africa, Latin America and the Middle east now residing in […]